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Modi - The Era and Aura | A Psychoanalysis | Dr Uttam Shiralkar on the Booknerds Podcast

Explore the depths of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's persona like never before with "Modi: The Era and Aura."

Modi - The Era and Aura | A Psychoanalysis | Dr  Uttam Shiralkar on the Booknerds Podcast  Watch the podcast and  Delve into the Mind of Prime Minister Modi Explore the depths of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's persona like never before with "Modi: The Era and Aura." 

Authored by a seasoned psychiatrist from a cognitive psychological perspective, this captivating book transcends the typical political narratives to offer a profound understanding of Modi's intricate psyche.  Unveiling Psychological Portraits Dive into a comprehensive analysis of Modi's personality from various angles, uncovering the influences that have shaped him and continue to drive his actions. Gain insights into why he commands such a powerful presence in the Indian imagination, bridging admiration and criticism alike.  Deciphering Communication Mastery Discover the science behind Modi's renowned communication skills as the book divulges 'secrets' about his oratory prowess. 

Through a scientific lens, unravel the nuances of his rhetoric and grasp the artistry behind his impactful speeches.  Decoding Astute Decision-Making Embark on a journey through the psychological processes that underpin Modi's exceptional ability to navigate through complex decisions. Gain practical wisdom as the book illuminates the methods behind his astute decision-making, applicable to anyone seeking to enhance their own judgment.  Navigating Media Manipulation Gain a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship between Modi and the media, unraveling how media influences shape public perception. Explore the nuances of media manipulation and cultivate a discerning eye in today's digital landscape.

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About The Author Dr Uttam Shiralkar has unique professional expertise as a qualified surgeon and psychiatrist. He worked as a surgeon in India and the USA before settling in the UK. When he was working as a cancer surgeon in the United States, he came across a field called psycho-oncology, which involves providing psychological support to cancer patients. He was impressed to see the immense benefits of psychological input for cancer patients. Around that time, he had a car accident, and he became unfit to continue his surgical career. 

For that reason, he switched to psychiatry.Transforming from surgeon to psychiatrist was an eye-opening experience. He realised how unaware he was about the impact of psychological factors on patients and him as a surgeon. Since that realisation, he has been working to build awareness among doctors about the importance of psychology in their practice. 

While doing so, he broadened his understanding of psychological applications in other fields—like finance, sports, aviation, and management. During this exploration, he came across the subject of political psychology and felt India could benefit significantly from this field. 

Dr Shiralkar has been coaching on psychological methods to enhance performance for more than a decade. He has authored books on this subject, contributed chapters to textbooks, published research, and conducted master classes in various countries. One of his books received an award from the British Medical Association. He felt the need to share his expertise in this field and his knowledge of political psychology to reveal unrecognised facets of Narendra Modi and politics.  

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